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Feb 1, 2013 6:00am PST
suicide bomber attacked the u.s. embassy in ankura. it exploded in a security check point, a door blown off the hinges and the u.s. ambassador says a guard was killed and one citizen was wounded. police say they have images of the bomber on surveillance video and they are looking at that. >>> switching gears at 6:30. let's get back to michelle in new orleans, what looks like a beautiful day and what should be a big weekend, too, right michelle. >> right. i think it is going to be a gorgeous day today and of course a very busy weekend. super bowl xlvii on sunday. can't wait to watch a little football. also can't wait to hear from the two head coaches. let's take a live look at a news conference. the two led coaches are expected to get to the podium today and hold a joint news conference. they were scheduled at 6:30 which i believe is about a minute after that. i believe they're testing some of the equipment there for the two brothers jim and john to take the stage. we've been talking about, they've talked to the media here in new orleans but th
Feb 6, 2013 6:00am PST
. >>> the military is poised to extend some benefits to same- sex parents of gay servicemembers. u.s. officials say they are likely to include some health and welfare programs as well as access to on-base stores and services. the move comes 16 months after the pentagon repealed its ban on openly gay service. an announcement is expected in the next few days. >>> white house defending a memo from the department of justice authorizing drone attacks against americans working with terrorists overseas. the memo says such actions are legal under three conditions. if the suspect is engaged in planning operations to kill americans, if it's not possible to capture the suspect before an attack, and if the operation follows u.s. laws and war principles. >> someone who takes up arms against the united states in a war against the united states is an enemy and therefore could be targeted accordingly. >> critics say such an attack would violate the constitutional rights of american terror suspects to a trial by jury. so far there's only one known case of an american targeted
Feb 4, 2013 6:00am PST
the u.s., it is bitter cold begin. 27 degrees, the expected high of snow? chicago. 73 in houston and 59 degrees in denver, looks like low clouds and fog going to try and break up around the bay area. and looks like lot offense clouds, almost a spring like pattern developing in the bare area. temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside for today. the next few days, not too bad. and then by thursday, and friday, there's a chance we could see cold showers rolling in. warmer weather next weekend. let's check with elizabeth with traffic. >> things heating up. we have a slight location changes, this is a new accident westbound 80. and mobile 1 drove past the scene, earlier it was reported in richmond, turns out it is in pan o ol and that's where we're seeing the slowing on the sensors. looks like 27 minutes in the westbound lanes of 80 from the carcinas bridge to the maze. let's see, this is another crash we're watching, a head on crash, this does not sound good, highway 12 approaching kelly road, a slight location here as well. the westbound lanes of h
Feb 5, 2013 6:00am PST
's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ [ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. adlib he's an older brother with a lot of younger brothers and says that's something they would do there's going to be a super bowl >>> the lights go i had, it's 28:6, just out of halftime, and bang zoom we're 28:6. the lights go out. you don't find that suspects? >> believe me. don't get me started. my dad is a big conspiracy theories. so you know, that's the last thing we need to talk about. >> i would think that maybe is that the kind of thing that john's brother jim might have been up to? [ laughter ] >> whatever it takes. you know? >>> the harbaugh brothers have
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4